5 Questions with Rags #23 - Chelsea Lou

Anyone who can make me laugh with an inappropriate joke in a slightly inappropriate place is someone I can get behind. Chelsea Lou told a joke about gluten-intolerance and being barren (I can’t remember the specifics of the joke so you’ll have to go see her live to hear it) during a 10am set at Tall Tree this summer and my laughter echoed off the shocked, hung-over, sun-soaked crowd around me like so many marbles in a billionaire’s empty mansion hallway. Luckily she’s around town fairly often it would seem, like at this year’s Rifflandia (10:30pm, Friday, Sept.19, Intrepid Theatre) where I probably won’t see her because I will be dancing, but you should see her and save some dancing space for me! There’s some more ways to find her down below, after you read our chat.

1. Can you think of a movie that had an effect on the way you saw the world?

I think after I saw Reservoir Dogs I started to get a little more assertive as a human being. It was also around that time I saw Goodfellas. I think that started to inform who I became as a woman, in a lot of ways.

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