Welcome to Rags Music.

Hey! My name is Blake. I live in Victoria, BC. I have been a music columnist for the Martlet for three years. I am a two-time judge for the Vancouver Island Music Awards, have covered many shows and festivals, written for exclam.ca, FEEDBACK magazine and the Rifflandia guidebook. And, most glamorously, have talked to an ever-growing list of some of the best musicians working today.

I created Rags Music as a way to spread the word about the music I love and showcase the writing that has come as a result of this overwhelming love. Over the years I have listened to and educated myself in a variety of musical styles and genres. In the time I have found a common thread among all the music that touches me -The artists and records that have meant the most to me are about their craft. Plain and simple. No bombast. No fancy window dressing. Just pure, honest art. It is with this in mind that I started this site. I hope that you will use this site to learn more about people and music you may already know but also, more importantly, as a springboard to new, exciting aural adventures.

Want your band reviewed/interviewed? Know some good music I should be checking out?

I'm always on the lookout for exciting new music and I welcome any and all feedback and suggestions for artists, albums or songs to feature on the site. If you are a solo artist or in a band and would like me to check your stuff out please drop me an email with some information and I'd be happy to give your music a listen! (Please include links to songs or videos.)