2013, in review. Chapter 2 - Hannah Epperson

"Oh, it’s totally perverse. " -Hannah Epperson on competition in music. It is with this in mind that I have decided to forgo the traditional "Best Of" list to end the year. Instead I will bring an ongoing series of updates on the most memorable musical experiences of the year, be they concerts, records or even just songs. Today I bring you adopted Canadian Hannah Epperson, violin champion.

I first saw (And was slightly mesmerized by) Hannah Epperson open for and play with Morlove in April this past year. I missed her set at Rifflandia (Though I don't remember off the top of my head why) but got to talk to her in anticipation of that set that I missed. It was a big year for Epperson, who seems to be gaining all kind of momentum. This interview was one of my favourites from the many I conducted this year and, importantly, contains the quote that has guided this end-of-year series.

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