5 Questions with Rags #52b - Illvis Freshly (Jesus and Danimal)

If you've been paying attention to West Coast music at all in the last couple years, you've probably seen the Illvis Freshly around. Legit: They're pretty inescapable and it's easy to see why. Their heavy-hitting, ultra-fun, partyrific electronic rap songs are sure-fire ear-crushers, made for those days and nights with all the friends. As the summer finally taken hold of us all, Illvis Freshly's music is even more relevant, assured to keep you moving in time with all this glorious weather. And as we are now in the midst Festival Season, they're bound to show up in your face and plug your ear holes up with funky rap goodness – having already smashed up audiences at Victoria Ska & Reggae Fest, Tall Tree, KAMP Festival with more to come, including a stop at Legend's Valley in August. In part B of the first ever 2-part entry into the live questions, we get down with the charismatic MC duo Danimal and Jesus.

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1. Do you remember the first album you bought with your own money?

Danimal: It was basically my own money because I facilitated it happening and got my mom to pay my friend. I got Jam by Michael Jackson. He had a Columbia House CD thing and I wanted one.

Do you still listen to it?

D: Not routinely. But there are times. You can't go out and not hear Michael Jackson, so, sort of.

Jesus: This is pretty tough because when I first started getting music I'd listen to the radio with my tape player and tape songs. I was sneaky like that. In terms of tapes, the first tape I can remember buying and having in my hand is Beastie Boys' License to Ill. It's the first one I can think of that I went out and bought because I wanted to hear all of the tracks.

2. When's the last time you did something for the first time?

D: I did yoga recently. I feel like I might have done some less important, but as an actual thing to do, I did yoga for the first time.

Did you enjoy it?

D: Yeah. It felt good. I have some bad knees. Finally following the advice of my friends and everyone in the world that yoga's good for you. It was nice and calming. A good time.

You going to keep going with it?

D: Yeah, for sure. I went back the next week, yesterday. I like it too because the woman who does it is still chill but she's an instructor. It's not as slow and relaxed as I thought but she knows what she's doing. I'm learning.

J: So, I went to a sushi place and I said, “What's the weirdest thing on the menu? What does nobody order?” She said, “There's this dish...” I can't remember the name of the dish to be honest with you. I said, “Don't even tell me what it is, just bring it to the table. I want the whole experience.” She said, “Are you sure?” And I said, “Yeah, I'm cool.” They brought to the table this fucking lobster, but half the lobster is cut off. The thing is still fucking alive. Its tail part is separated and the meat's all up in there. The lobster is facing its guts too. You eat, sashimi style, you eat the lobster's insides while its watching you do this. You can put the chopsticks in his hands, it holds them. You eat this lobster and it hangs out and watches you eat it, which is pretty messed up. We were like, “Whoa, this is pretty messed up.” We had a bit of trouble eating it. The lady came and said, “Don't worry, we're going to take Gerry back there and then we're going to bring him out for the next course.” I was like, “What do you mean?” And also, she named it, which is really interesting. My friend and I were kind of feeling disgusted that we ate this animal while it watched us eat it, which is pretty messed up. I feel like if aliens come down to Earth now, I have no recourse if they cut me in half and eat me while I watch. It'll just be like “Yep, I asked for this one.” And then the lobster comes back as a soup! I was kind of disgusted when they brought it back as a soup but damn dude, he smelled pretty good. I kind of got into it then and had to resolve my inner conflicts.

D: That's the most messed up food story ever.

J: It's funny because me and this girl went there before and we were joking about saving the lobsters. “We should save those lobsters and throw them in the ocean but they're not from this ocean so they probably wouldn't survive.” And then we come back and we do that. Go from saving animals to just mutilating and torturing them.

3. If you could spend the day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

J: That one's easy. I'd hang out with Jesus because my name is Jesus and everyone's always asking me about Jesus. We'd probably walk on some water, maybe go surfing, he'd probably be good at surfing. He could probably kill that shit. I don't know why there isn't more Jesus/surfing jokes, I'm gonna have to make some memes and shit. We could go anywhere and he could turn water into wine, so we'd probably get wasted.

D: I think you have to go with someone who's dead because you might meet someone who's living...If you're getting a random one off chance, it has to be someone who's dead. Maybe Biggie, because I could rap with him. That would be a good day. If I got to say, “Yo guys, I hung out with Biggie freestyling all day...”

J: “He kicked the shit out of me and stole my iPod.”

D: Whatever, it'd still be a good day, man! If I brought Biggie back from the dead, I think we'd be tight. Maybe. Hopefully.

J: You definitely would have to get him to record a feature.

D: We could record some pretty crazy shit in one day. I think we'd go viral if we had a Biggie Smalls feature about pertinent topics in 2017. Get Biggie rapping about Donald Trump.

J: That would make sure it was legit, for sure.

D: I'm confident that would be the biggest story in hip-hop in 2017. Probably in all of news.

4. What's your most positive memory of an elementary or high school teacher?

D: I wanna go with something inspirational to offset the others' horrible experiences...but when I was in grade 11, the last time I took math, we had a teacher named Ms. Jackson and it was the same year as the popular Outkast song was out. People in class would intentionally get a question and she'd say, “That's incorrect.” Then they'd say, “I'm sorry Ms. Jackson.” The rest of the class in unison would sing, “I am for reeeeeeeal.”

That's an amazing amount of coordination for a group of high school kids.

D: Well, when it comes to being disrespectful to teachers, high school kids can be capable of some outstanding levels of coordination.

J: There was our tech class teacher. He always this can of Coca-Cola in his hand and he always smelled a little funny. He was a little bit too chipper some mornings. He let us all do what we wanted, basically. I was a skateboarder at the time, so I was like, “We're gonna work on skate videos.” Every day we would take a camera, fuck around and chill downtown, do whatever we wanted for pretty much two periods. It turns out he was just getting wasted every time we were there. One time we tasted his Coca-Cola and there was rum in there. He was pretty awesome. Sure, he was an alcoholic and he didn't teach us anything about tech stuff, but we got to hang out and do cool stuff for two periods and no one was the wiser. I took that class as long as I was at that school. Also, I don't know where our marks came from. We all got the same mark. Everybody got 75.

5a. First guest question is for Dan and is from Colin of Pigeon Hole...what is the most versatile vegetable and why?

D: My initial instinct is to say potato, because it gets used in so many things. They're reliable, dependable, they're a staple. I just feel like there's a foodie answer I'm missing.

J: Corn is in the most things.

D: Corn! Corn gets used for pretty much everything, even cardboard. Corn! Jesus is correct, corn is the answer.

(Doyle): I don't think it's about a right answer, it's your answer.

D: I don't think so.

Okay, which vegetable has the most uses in your life?

D: I don't really do potatoes so much, but in terms of french fries and chips and everything, it just kind of gets into everything. I'm trying to get off the potatoes but we'll say potato for now.

5b. Second guest question is for Jesus and is from song-man B.A. Johnston, and he asks...Which 80s wrestler best describes your band?

J: Macho Man Randy Savage. Hands down.

The final guest question, for both of you, comes from reggae guy Mike Love...What will you do now? Not in terms of what will you do after this interview, but what will you do to make the world a little better?

D: I'm seriously trying to eat less meat. It's not realistic maybe, but I'm trying to have meat once a day or less, not with every meal. I think to make a difference in the world, lots of people tend to do diets and things and quit, but making slow, steady changes to your lifestyle is usually a successful way to improve.

J: Personally, I'll keep working in mental health and try to change the system in such a way as to benefit more people. Modernize and get people the help they need.

What's the most important message about mental health you want people to know?

J: People who have mental illness are just like everyone else. We all have “mental health” but some people have “mental illness” but we all have the capacity to have and deal with mental illness. Everybody can break their leg and everybody can become mentally ill.