5 Questions with Rags #33 - DOUBLE BILL w/ MARTEN HØRGER & Funkanomics!

People often say that I’m lucky, but it’s really just a matter of trying. I’ve been trying to hook this up with Marten Horger for awhile now, and as luck would have it he’s on the road in my wonderful home country of Canada and he’s touring with another favourite of mine, the appropriately and greatly monikered Funkanomics. And because they’re both apparently very rad people, we got answers from both for this very special edition of the 5 Questions!

Both of these cats bring the funky goodness but both feed different needs in my bass diet. My nights dancing in my girlfriend’s laundry room start with the lighter, groovy Funkanomics aesthetic and when it gets late Marten Horger is there to bring that slightly more menacing Punks music aesthetic. Guy is a straight up killer. His Beats. Vol.3 Mix was one of my most played mixes of 2015 and the Funkanomics Chillax mixes rank among my most played mixes of all-time.

Go catch them on their Canadian tour if you get a chance. The good homeys in SkiiTour are also helping them out on this. If you like dancing, this is not a show to be missed.


1. Do you remember the first album you bought with your own money?
Marten Horger: Yes, it was Michael Jackson – Dangerous. It was #1 in Germany at the time. That cover was so damn good and the riff of “Black or White” was just epic.

FxFarmer aka Dan of Funkanmoics: My first album was AC/DC Flick of the Switch on Vinyl, yes I still own this record and I listend to it over 1000 times!!

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