5 Questions with Rags #4 - Jim Infantino (Jim's Big Ego)

It's not often a brother gets to talk to the leader of the "Greatest Band in the History of Recorded Music," but I recently had the pleasure of talking to such a human being, the great Jim Infantino of Jim's Big Ego. You might not know them, I mean they're just another local fucking Boston band, but they are oodles of righteous and everyone in every city should listen to them. My love of JBE came from the aftermath of a slightly awful relationship. Infantino's remarkable lyrics and (un)pop sensibilities have changed the way I look at things and given me insight time and time again. (He is also responsible for "Vandals," one of the best pieces of writing I've come across. Check it at the bottom after this interview.)

This is a big one for me and I hope you dig it too. A big thanks to Jim for not only taking some time to answer my silly questions but for all his rhythmic musings that continuously sooth my soul. 

1. If you had to choose between sight and sound, which would you keep and why?

<Long, thoughtful pause> I think I would keep sight, interestingly. Because I've always been fascinated by sign language.

Really? What got you interested in sign language?

Well, as a mode of communication that's unique and I'm very interested in teaching myself new language-type skills. I'm actually terrible with language but I enjoy the challenge in the way it challenges my mind to learn new methodologies in terms of communication and thinking.

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