Killer Mike and El-P continue their hot streak and give it to you for free.

Cancer 4 Cure  and R.A.P. Music  were in-arguably two of the best records of 2012 in not just Hip-Hop, but music a whole. El-P and Killer Mike are building an empire out of intelligence, street-savvy and grime. Their combined presence in Hip-Hop in the last two years has been a blessing on any real Heads out there. And now, they've stepped it up even harder and released their new project, Run the Jewels. It's a mind-bending, drug-riddled attack on every ridiculous Hip-Hop cliché and stereotype. And holy shit, Prince Paul!

Best of all, they've released the digital for free! Muthafuckin' FREE! (Get it below)

That's badass. But, if you're like me and love this record, you can support them and get it HERE . Get a deluxe package. Get a shirt. Get a fucking weed grinder, because really, you should be STONED TO THE TITS for this one, Check their tour dates as well. They're probably coming somewhere near you. See ya'll in Vancouver!