5 Questions with Rags #72 - SIDEWAY

5 Questions with Rags #72 - SIDEWAY

I first found out about SIDEWAY (formerly Sidewaysounds) a couple summers ago when he laid down tunes on a old school bus that was transporting people from downtown Victoria to the top of Brown's Mountain for Tall Tree Music Festival. (Note: That old school bus is known as The Community Action Bus and it's usually doing more important things than transporting festival goers.)`I knew literally zero things about him or what kind of music I would hear on this journey, but I was quickly pulled out of my comfortable anti-social bubble at the back of the bus, into the midst of people, closer to the speakers. Dude had the two most important things I look for in a DJ - instantly recognizable taste and no genre allegiance. (This, on top of being a genuinely good human who always lights up people around him.) Turns out, on top of being a solid DJ he's also a damned-fine producer, creating some pretty smashing, forward-thinking bass music. “For me the tune has reach up and grab your attention, that's when you know you're onto something,” Sideway told me, talking about what in music is grabbing at him these days. “I like to browse SoundCloud for hours and just have it on in the background, and when a song grabs my attention I know its worth taking a closer look at which often leads me to brand new artist discoveries. Same goes for when I’m making music… I’m very hands on, just creating until something sounds interesting and grabs my attention and then building around that as inspiration. But it's all a very fluid process for me, my tastes have evolved many times over the years and I expect that will continue.” Probably get on the train now, because if current Sideway trends continue, whoa! You're gonna be glad you got on these sounds early!

If you're around Victoria for the Family Day Long Weekend in February, make sure to catch SIDEWAY getting things started before the bass legends (and fellow 5 Questions guests) Stickybuds and JFB on Sunday, Feb 17. Get the details here!

1. What was the first album you bought with your own money?

Haha, okay this is going to sound super lame, but music was never really a big thing in our house growing up. Like, my parents didn’t really listen to anything except the odd ABBA album. Exposure for me was through friends and so the first impression made on me was Stan by Eminem. I think I was 12. I couldn't buy the album but my friends did and we had that shit on repeat just like every other kid. Another early favourite was Coolio – Gangsters Paradise. The last album I can remember buying on CD was Kid Kudi - Man on the Moon, used to rinse that out a bunch as well.

But when my cousin snuck me into my first club at 16, I fell in love with electronic music, or techno as it was referred to back then, and have really appreciated everything from minimal to trance to glitch hop to electro and dubstep. These days I favour a pretty bass-heavy, eclectic mix of tunes, basically anything that fits goes in my book.

2. Have you ever felt or seen a ghost/supernatural/otherworldly presence? If not, do you believe such a thing is possible?

I like to think I'm a pretty logical guy, so like, I wanna say no… But there have been things that have happened that I can’t explain. Like for instance, one time my girlfriend and I were alone in the apartment and we just got home after Halloween and went to bed and then the TV and stereo just start really loud in the living room for about 10 seconds before turning off. We were both super spooked. But honestly, I fully believe there are forces out there that ebb and flow that we have no idea even exist. A discovery that might help explain supernatural phenomenon might not be unrealistic.

3. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

I got the full Winter Christmas Canadian experience this year and went sledding, ice fishing, played hockey on ice and went cross country skiing! That was cool. It’s a motto of mine to always be seeking new adventures and experiences, so I try to fit them in when I can.

A man of much whimsy. Photo by Matt Love Photography.

A man of much whimsy. Photo by Matt Love Photography.

4. What's your best memory of a teacher growing up?

Grade 7, Mr Jones, he was a grade teacher so he did everything but Math was his speciality. Always had candy rewards if you got stuff right and heaps of games. I dunno, he’s the only one that really sprang to mind so I guess that makes him the winner haha.

5. If you could spend the day with anyone living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

I’m not even embarrassed to say that would 100% be Elon Musk. I’m a super nerd/space/technology geek and that guy is a living genius, no, legend. He is literally writing history right now that our kids are gonna be learning about. I mean if I could have my whole life over again and I was smart enough, I dunno, space and the preservation of our planet is a pretty inspiring and worthwhile endeavour in my opinion. The future should be bright, right?

6. Your guest question comes from powerfully smooth FRASE: What drives you? What makes you wanna get up and do it in the morning?

The love of music and to live a life I'm proud of and not one that is focused on how many 0’s I can put in my bank account. Music puts a smile on my face, and the faces of those I share it with. We are all the same and we all feel music the same – sharing art, love and understanding through music is about as worthwhile as it gets.