Kid Rock gives me yet another reason to like him.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone adopted Southerner and noted (surprise) non-meth user Kid Rock announced that 90% of the tickets for upcoming tour are priced at a mere $20. This comes at a time when ticket prices for high-profile tours like Prince Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake have routinely topped the $250. For an artist with the ability to sell-out arenas this is a drastically fan friendly step and one that other artists will hopefully embrace.

Also of delicious note this tour is that free coffee and sandwiches will apparently be available at many of the dates on the tour. And even more incredibly, the first two rows of each show will not be sold to anyone. Instead, Rock's "people" will traverse the back of the arena to find fans to bring up to the first two rows, ensuring that big-money douchebags don't automatically get those coveted seats. "I have big-time buddies that can get front-row seats for anything. They know the right people. Not my show, though. We don't care who you are, you can't get those seats unless we select you."

In the interview Rock also recalls his war against $40 t-shirts that he saw as "highway robbery" even going so far as to force his management to raise a sign that said "Fuck the Economy! T-shirts are $20!" and threatening to fire said management for non-compliance.

All of this just builds upon the legend of a seemingly really cool dude that started during the great Napster crisis some years ago, when, during an interview with MuchMusic Rock's response to how he felt about the "controversy" was simply "What do I care? I'm rich." He's released some undeniably catchy tunes over the years (and some undeniably annoying ones too) and while you might not like the guy you gotta respect his commitment to bringing some reasonably-priced real to his fans. You can see the full line-up dates for Kid Rock's "$20 Best Night Ever Tour" (w/ Uncle Kracker and ZZ Top!) here

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Kid Rock and Bob Seger. From

Kid Rock and Bob Seger. From