5 Questions with Rags #16 - Jon H. of Fort Knox Five

Near the end of one of the nights at my first Shambhala I was standing around idly in Fractal Forest while my friends made a plan. (I had no knowledge of electronic music of any kind and was relying on them to take me to the right spots.) I was nodding my head, seemingly more engaged than my friends, and I asked Hingle McCringleberry, my Guide to the Cosmos, who was on stage. “I think it’s Fort Knox Five,” he replied. “They’re pretty good.” I don’t know why that name stuck in my head, but it did and they were among the first acts I started to explore when I got back to homebase. A couple years in and they remain one of my go-tos when I need something to bob my head or shake my rump to. They’re a wholly accessible entry-point for those that find the electronicness of EDM a bit overwhelming at first. I mean, they’re into it, it’s there, but those hip-hop and funk bases are always there and remain the anchor at all times, which is right where I like it to be. Their ongoing Funk the World series is an endless stream of world-beat gems set to groovy hip-hop beats and isn’t to be missed. Now I present this weeks 5 Questions with the good homey Jon Horvath of the mighty FORT KNOX FIVE.

Keep up with all the funky goings-on on the FKF souncloud page.

1. If the world was ending and you got to save one piece of culture, to preserve for future peoples, what would you take?

Honestly, the most important things in life are love, humanity and, to musicians, probably music. It’s going to have be something music-related. It could be a drum, maybe. Bypassing those first two things, music is definitely the most important thing in my life.

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