Pierre Stemmett - Float EP (Review)

Pierre Stemmett – Float EP (Review)


Pierre Stemmett manages to hit a shocking number of musical spots on the aptly titled Float – a four-song collection of deeply contemplative and emotional tracks that gently winds and seeps its way into your ears. Undoubtedly headphone/empty (Or at least single-occupied) room music, mired in youthful heartbreak but brimming with introspection that belies Stemmett's youth, Float does flash moments that would fit perfectly in a downtempo DJ set or a smaller house party. It's the difference between the aching lilting chords of “Sleep Walking” and the deep, droning bass of “Blur” with its gently plucked strings and hard-driving bars courtesy of fellow South African Kearne Dragon. Both songs are dripping with the aforementioned heartbreak and longing – the dominating feelings permeating the EP front to back. Stemmett's delicate, emotive voice cries “I know you hate me, but I love you/I wish I could do this without you” in between surprisingly disarming (and appropriately emotional) rapid-fire raps on the seriously big “Head Space” – it's a moment that proves how starkly naked Stemmett can be about his feelings, a trait that continues to set his music apart from stuff that may be sonically similar. The title track “Float” sets the space with its atmospheric, almost anti-gravitational feeling, untethered to almost anything beyond Stemmett's attention-demanding voice. Like any good EP, Float is a cohesive musical idea, completely filler-free and leaving the listener craving more of the sonic vision. Highly recommended listening. (Independent)