5 Questions with Rags #37 - DJ Kwe

A few weeks ago, I had no earthly idea who DJ Kwe was. I stumbled upon her music because of an assignment for the Rifflandia festival here in Victoria, at which DJ Kwe will be performing twice (!), but I’m here tell you, this half-breed beat maker is someone you should be watching out for. Her audio story telling is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, full of foraged nature sounds and original ideas with a nod to the past, and from what I’ve heard, her DJ sets are not to be missed. I can’t officially verify that because I won’t be able to catch her until Rifflandia (Sept. 15-18) but egads, I’m ready for this! Until then, enjoy this wonderful installment of the 5 Questions in which we discuss the glory of double cassette collections, the struggles that face female DJs and the premier of the new questions about ghosts!


1. Do you remember the first album you bought with your own money?

It was in grade 4, I bought a double cassette, album…with my yellow Sony walkman back then with the snap-over part so everyone knew you had a real walkman…So I bought an 80’s greatest hits. It had “Electric Avenue” and “Jenny.” For the money that I had and to buy a double cassette, which was pretty big news back then, that was my first music investment. I actually had to take the time to remember because buying my first music vs. buying my first record vs. buying my first CD, they’re all times in my life that I have to revisit because music represents memories for anyone.

Do you remember the first record you bought specifically for DJing?

Masters at Work – Love and Happiness. That song, I can’t get over it. It should be a world anthem.

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