Eddie Murphy Rastas the fuck out with Snoop Lion. (And, shockingly, I sort of like it.)

So I'm getting ready to go see Ziggy Marley last night, poking around on the internet while my ladyfriend was getting freshed up, and I see little story from the good folks over at LargeUp.com about Eddie Murphy, younger brother of comedy legend Charlie Murphy, teaming up with the ever-endearing Snoop Lion for a reggae track. More astonishingly, the song, "RedLight," is not just a mere one-off, but a track from an upcoming full-length record.

In even more baffling news, the song isn't half-bad. Actually, it's probably like 65/35 (Good/bad). It would probably be higher if it wasn't Eddie Murphy - a man who has thrown away most of his banked credibility, by seemingly unanimous decision, in a series of baffling, awful movie choices.  

Anyway, the song is pretty sweet. And though this is the first I've ever heard of Eddie Murphy being a socially conscious dude (There may be documents of this, but I know not of these), it's an admirable sentiment.

It's still hard to believe the song is by the same guy who sang this.