The Shambhala Journals - #3.5 in which I get to share one of my new favourite dudes with you all.

By far one of my favourite parts of Shambhala was the Fractal Funk Jam. I like funk music. I like bass. Straight-up. Pure and simple. And because of the good times that was the Funk Jam I was able to see Slynk, in some form or another, twice! (I caught the first portion of his own set at the slightly exhausted hour of 4am before crashing to Earth in a funked-out stupor.) Let me tell you all this - Slynk is a bad, bad man.

To clarify with those of you who may not be down with the parlance of our times (Or the parlance of 1974), he's a bad motherfucker in that good way where you wanna ride with him on a sunny Saturday afternoon, blasting a chonger and rocking the sub woofers at an ungodly level.  

And because he's such a bad, bad man, Slynk has bestowed upon the world this - his funktastic, highlight-reel set from Shambhala's 2013 incarnation. Don't listen to this unless you have some space to stand up and shake your ass. Because no matter how, where or when you attempt to listen to this you will end up shaking your ass. There's no question about it.

Stream it. Download this sumbitch, Just make sure you do it up.

Much love and respect to Slynk!