Andrew WK cements his status as World-Record holder for Awesome Partying.

I don't usually associate MTV with awesomeness these days, but they have thrown their name into the party hat, reporting that Official Spokesman of Partying and former regular Overcompensating character Andrew W.K. is going to attempt to set the world record for "Longest Drum Session in a Retail Store" with a 24-hour drumstravaganza at something called the "O Awards," this Wednesday (June 19).

In the article WK says, "So let it be said, I'm not taking this lightly. I think it will push me to the very lengths of my strengths." It's kind of akin to his badass instrumental piano album '55 Cadillac, the album that he constructed with Ego Death in mind - The breaking down of the self to find his own limitations and push their boundaries. It's one of the most interesting thoughts I've been presented with in any interview I've done up until this point.

Really, the guy is a serious Life-champion. Everyone that's dismissed his party-centric music should go back and revisit the dude's works. Everything he touches is full of passion, energy and a relentlessly positive outlook on things, something that's sorely lacking in a ton of media these days.

So here's to Andrew W.K., his new goal and the spirit of Awesome Partying he spreads around the world! Party Hard!

(Also I can't not give a shout-out to another all-time great helping W.K. in his quest for glory, the all-mighty ?uestlove! Respect.) 

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