5 Questions with Rags #54 - Flamingosis

I like funky music, but I also like chill grooves and sometimes those things aren't the most compatible. But once in awhile there's someone – now, I don't wanna say hero but...someone special who can perfectly fit the niche my ears and soul so desperately need filled. Flamingosis is that someone. Purveyor of the some of the tastiest laid-back funk that this planet has to offer, Flamingosis has become one of the main staples of the listening diet over the past year. His albums are an endless stream of blissed out disco vibes (Bliss-co/blissco?) that keep a feeling but change the sound enough to always keep it interesting and familiar at the same time. Chilling in the afternoon sun? Cuddling up with a lover? Having a dinner party? Smoking a spliff on the deck with your homie? Damaging your skin with a day at the beach? Flamingosis has you covered with a soundtrack for all of this and more. Lucky for me, Flamingosis found the time, in amongst his relentless hustlin', to get down with an incredibly thoughtful and freshly honest round of 5 Questions.

Make sure to keep afloat of all things Flamingosis at www.flamingosis.com. And make sure to grab his glorious new album A Groovy Thing (For free, or however much you think it's worth)!

1. Do you remember the first album you bought with your own money?

I believe the first album that I bought with my own money was Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma on iTunes when I was a Senior in High School. I was just pirating music off of Limewire during that time, but for some reason after I discovered FlyLo his music captivated me in such a way I was just like, “Damn, I gotta pay for this,” because I had never heard anything quite like it during that time. He was one of the OGs who helped introduce me to the beat scene and that type of sound. I'll be honest and say I still pirate music digitally, but since then I've started a vinyl collection. I think buying and collecting vinyl is important. I don't care if it's considered hipster to listen to music on vinyl, at least you're gonna be more likely to listen to an album in it's entirety that way because we are currently in a microwave era where a lot of people are listening to playlists rather than full releases.

2. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but I purchased a new phone and activated it for the first time last week on my own, rather than having my parents help me with it. For some reason I always had a social anxiety with going to a store and talking to a representative who I don't know, about what type of product I should buy and stuff of that nature. So I usually just had my parents help me with it. But now I'm 26 years old and I gotta grow up when it comes to dealing with that kind of shit. It sounds like a simple thing, but I'm proud that I did it on my own.

3. What is your most positive memory of an elementary or high-school teacher?

My high school cross-country coach was a great guy. I ran varsity all four years and he used to train us as if we were Olympic athletes or something of that nature. We would run 50-60 miles a week on average, I'm pretty sure. He would push us really hard and make us bust our ass, but it paid off because we were one of the best teams in our conference, county and region every year. He made us learn that doing the little things right – like eating healthy, stretching, logging in consistent miles, working on your running form, etc. – added up to big things, like being prepared in an actual cross country race and performing well. I definitely took that mindset with me. If you focus on the little details and apply them to your craft it will lead to bigger and better rewards. Also busting your ass everyday and working hard pays off eventually.


4. If you could spend the day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

I would probably spend the day with my grandfather on my mom's side. Never got to meet him because he died of a brain tumour a long time ago. My family has told me that I remind them a lot of him in terms of having similar mannerisms and physical characteristics. I've heard a lot of stuff about him and he was a great man. Had a great sense of humour, was mature, responsible and was really passionate about sports. We would probably have a catch with a football and then go to a diner afterward and eat a ton of food. I heard he loved to eat a lot.

5. Can you think of a book or movie that had a genuine effect on the way you see the world?

Whiplash was a crazy good movie. I remember after watching it and walking out of the theatre I was like “Gat dayum! That was awesome.” What really made me think about that movie was how far will you get pushed to the edge in order to become great? The main character was constantly abused by his jazz instructor and in turn that toxicity and manipulation made the main character an unpleasant person to be around. He broke up with his girlfriend for music and isolated himself from other people to work on his drumming. But in the end if it weren't for his instructor he wouldn't have become a phenomenal drummer. So how much are you willing to sacrifice and give up to become great? And is it worth it in the end? I still ask myself that question because a lot of people in general who became great dealt with a lot of dark things on the road to get there.

6. The guest question is from the good homie GIBBZ... If you could only wear black clothing, but you had a white cat, would you get rid of the cat for the sake of your clothes, or would you deal with it and love the cat?

Well, I wear fairly black clothing from time to time and I've grown to like and appreciate cats. So I'd deal with it and love the cat, as long as it knows how to go to the bathroom and not shit everywhere in my house.

Seriously, you should really get this album now.  Attack your stress with the ultimate stress-buster.

Seriously, you should really get this album now. Attack your stress with the ultimate stress-buster.