Lip$ha - I am aroused by aggressive weirdness.

April 4, 2013 - Precious, precious purveyor of entertainment news, the AV Club, has brought information to my attention that gets my ears wet just thinking about it.

Yesterday, in the now ubiquitous format of a reddit AMA, Flaming Lips frontman and noted eccentric Wayne Coyne released information about an upcoming full-length album with trash-pop queen Ke$ha, entitled Lip$ha. This comes as exciting news for me as one of last years great "guilty pleasures" (A term that I kind of loathe) was Ke$ha's "Warrior". That record wormed its way into my brain with it's brash, gleeful rowdiness.

For their part, the Lips have been a staple of my listening diet for a long time and were one of the first bands from after 1970 I found that sounded like they were inspired almost entirely by drugs. Obviously though, Coyne and Co. are fueled by some sort of radioactive alien intelligence beamed directly into their brains from space.

To help hold our collective excitement in our pants listen to Ke$ha's collaboration with the great Iggy Pop from the aforementioned Warrior here.